Graz, Austria

Nick Acorne
Valerio Zanini

Dx Darts

Interactive game. Supported by Lust Spiel

Dx Darts is an entertaining interactive game installation based on the sport of darts, developed for Tuntenball, a yearly event organised by the association RosaLila PantherInnen.

Dx Darts uses glowing dildos instead of small missiles, which are thrown by the visitors on the glass surface with rear projection. Due to software tracking of the dildos’ movement, players can get not only points but also sound, light and visual feedback. Dx Darts combines art and design with sport and uses intuitive interaction rules, well-known by most people.

Dx Darts raises important questions about sexual taboo, conservative visions and proposes to raise awareness and expand tolerance of sex and sexuality in a playful and provocative way.

Dx Darts
Dx Darts
Dx Darts