Graz, Austria

Nick Acorne
Valerio Zanini
Lisa Horvath

Mass of the world

The interactive audiovisual installation

5,97 x 10 to the power of 24 kg or the Mass of the World is an interactive inflatable hemisphere with the dimension of the diameter about 3,8 meters. The installation, through an automated inflatable system, obtains its form and it becomes a new medium. The visuals and images of both micro and macro elements of our planet are projected all around the surface of the hemisphere. By touching the surface the audience can interrupt and alter the process as well as mutate the sound. Mass of the world can be also interpreted as a tangible interface to control various media, such as audio, video or light in real time. The Mass of the World installation together with live performance was performed in Studio Naxos (Frankfurt, Germany), Forum Stadtpark (Graz, Austria) and at La Strada Festival in Dom im Berg (Graz, Austria). Concept for the installation was developed by Lisa Horvath. Interaction and sound design was created by Ninja Guru Studio.

Photos by Mariya Donska


Photos by Mariya Donska

Investigate the world

of the sound and new media

Photos by Mariya Donska
Photos by Mariya Donska